Programme planning becomes a little more difficult when one considers that Matthew has lectured on pretty well all the major composers there are.  There are of course gaps and with the passing of time there is no reason why Matthew should not return to subjects he has dealt with more than ten years previously.  After all, we listen to favourite composers and favourite works over and over again in the concert halls. Just take a look at Past Times in our Menu to see some of the many subjects he has covered.

At the moment the following subjects are in the pipeline or under consideration but the order has to be settled.


Starting 8th January 2018 – a ten week course. 

at Blackheath Halls

This will be our last series at the Halls for the time being whilst major refurbishment takes place.  We plan to return in January 2019.

Matthew has visited Beethoven several times.  We have already had a series on his symphonies; another which was a comprehensive look at his concertos;  several years back Matthew examined the piano repertoire in all its forms.  However there are many who have not heard him talk on the great master and the next time it is planned to have a series examining much of the chamber music, violin sonatas, cello sonatas, string trios and piano trios, the string quartets (not all sixteen of them) wind music and septet.  No-one can possibly tire of Beethoven

April to June 2018 at Charlton House


This is a subject that Matthew has flagged up before but which has so far missed the boat.  Pity because there is so much fine music by Walton to be examined.  Amongst his friends and contemporaries (sometimes both) are Constant Lambert who like Arthur Bliss produced varied music which dominated the Sadlers Wells Ballet in its time.  One particular favourite of Matthew was Malcolm Arnold, who was a particular close friend of Walton.

September to November 2018 at Charlton House


Not all music has to be serious and Matthew would like to compare the various serenades which have been written.  Intermingled are the many diversions that composers have joyfully added to their repertoire.  Of course Mozart covers the lot but there are very many others where Matthew would like to serenade and entertain you



The piano sonata was a product of the 18th century and the early 19th century. Matthew is very keen to extend our knowledge by concentrating on those composers of the nineteenth century after Schubert.  This series would give us an opportunity to hear Matthew’s own pianistic skills within a wide range of composers of various nationalities


If you have any ideas of your own, don’t hesitate to come forward


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