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Our principal home is at Blackheath Halls whose site is


Many of us have been devotees of classical music lectures given by MATTHEW TAYLOR in the Blackheath Halls on Mondays during term time.  Matthew has been one time the composer in residence at the Halls and is a prolific pianist and a fine conductor. His lectures take the form of anecdotal history and musical illustration. He demonstrates at the piano reproducing whole scores and then we listen to the CD.

Each term is devoted to a subject.  It may be devoted to one composer or a group of composers. Some series have been built around particular genres of work such as Beethoven symphonies and more recently Mozart concertos  –  Sometimes a series is built round a particular period such as British Music 1920-1940


These lectures are devised so that one doesn’t need technical knowledge to begin with and yet at the same time the experienced aficionado will always finds something new to learn.  It is the gift which Matthew has that we can all enjoy our music in our own way and always learn something new.

The programmes take place bewtween 10 am and midday on a Monday with an interval. It is a place where friendships can be made. We have retired people and those still at work which makes Mondays something to look forward to.

Our  regulars come largely from Blackheath but so long as you are in striking distance you are always welcome.  During  the pandemic our programmes were continued on Teams to allow all to zoom in and this gave rise to our separate series of concerts of Tea Time Concerts, a group get together for free.


If you are not quite certain that this is for you, then you can dip your toe in the water first of all by coming free of charge to a taster. For those who cannot manage to come for the whole term we can usually make a special arrangement. Fees are normally paid on the first day of term.

Can I attend individual lectures?   Yes.  The lectures are designed as a course for which there is a course fee (tea time concerts excepted).  If you know in advance that you cannot manage all the lectures we can make suitable arrangements to agree a reduced fee.


Matthew started this class over 20 years ago as an ILEA music appreciation class.  This class is unique in our being blessed with such a talented musician and performer who has a devoted following.  Such is our enthusiasm and esteem that the class clubbed together some tim back to commission for a flute concerto from Matthew.

In January 2016 we revisited the life and works of Mahler.  Another of our honorary members is the composer David Matthews who was an assistant composer for the Derryk Cooke performing version of Mahler’s tenth symphony.  David brought along some facsimile pages of the score and also gave a lecture on Mahler’s choral and vocal works.

Each term Matthew looks to invite some players to get together with us live.

Some of our other events have taken place at Charlton House, a fine Jacobean manor in Charlton where some of our series have taken place.

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