Programme planning becomes a little more difficult when one considers that Matthew has lectured on pretty well all the major composers there are.  There are of course gaps and with the passing of time there is no reason why Matthew should not return to subjects he has dealt with more than ten years previously.  After all, we listen to favourite composers and favourite works over and over again in the concert halls. Just take a look at Past Times in our Menu to see some of the many subjects he has covered.

Watch out for the following


As at July 2019 we have two series of lectures planned.

Starting  16 September 2019 – a ten week course. 

at Blackheath Halls BUT watch out.  Due to circumstances we will be holding two of the lectures at CHARLTON HOUSE

DVORAK is one of the greatest, if not the greatest of natural melodists, a great orchestrator, another with nine symphonies, symphonic poems, quartets which sing as does his quintet, concertos, operas. The lot. This will be one of the most relaxing series. NOT TO BE MISSED

For further details, see our section on Current Course.   This commences on Monday 16th September at Blackheath Halls.

Spring 2020  “Around the Year 1900”  

Commencing on 6th January this will be largely take place at Blackheath.

This will be a retrospective of music written in the decade from 1895 to 1905 to take in Vienna (Mahler?), Munich (Richard Strauss?), Paris (Debussy?) London (Elgar?) St Petersburg (Rachmaninov?), Finland and Denmark (Sibelius and Nielsen) and Lucca (?) where Puccini wrote Tosca in 1900.  The series is planned over 80 days during which time Matthew can take us round the world.

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