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Starting on 7 January 2019 this course has been chosen for the group’s return to Blackheath Halls after two terms absence at Charlton House whilst major refurbishment has been taking place at the Halls. The subject matter is music composed based on Shakespeare plays or poetry and covers a wide range of composers and plays.  It is a novel approach as a term is usually devoted to the works of one composer or a group.  We have previously  had the subject based on a common theme but this time we are dealing with a subject playwright who is the common thread connecting various composers from different countries of the world and drawn from different epochs.  Opera does not feature often in our series but Matthew has this time chosen to include a number of operas in which Verdi is given prominence with three operas, Macbeth, Falstaff and Otello.  Berlioz is a great favourite and one programme is devoted to his symphony, Romeo and Juliet coupled with Prokofiev’s ballet on that subject. Be prepared for Bernstein’s take on this subject with West Side Story.  Mingling with other large works will be occasional short works which will be stocking fillers.

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