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It is just like returning to the ancestral home. Following covid, pandemic, building repairs and the like, thus does Matthew Taylor resume his place at the helm at Blackheath Concert Halls in compiling a programme of his choosing by welcoming us all back with doubtless the most popular composer of all time.

Matthew has previously presented Beethoven to us in various guises including the Classical String Quartets; the Piano Concertos; Overtures and Symphonies. And what is wrong with that. Many of our present number have not heard the earlier programmes and after a long break it is the most welcome of returns.

Indeed the programme starts midterm in November and and continues after the Christmas break into January and through to the end of March.You can be sure of much ground covered. From November to 13th December, Matthew will be concentrating on the concertos and some of the instrumental music written at the time;

Also go to the hymnsheet to check what is coming up each monday

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