Below you will find a list of composer notes, as opposed to programme notes, which I have written for distribution to members of our group.  The lectures are given by Matthew Taylor and he is the point of focus, not these notes. Over the years I have known him he has become one of the most articulate and amusing lecturers and raconteurs. In addition we are fortunate to have a man who can sit at the piano and demonstrate the workings of the orchestra and whose knowledge is seemingly unlimited.  My notes came about after one member, who had arrived late anyway, complained we did not know enough about the composer’s life.  I tackled this by reproducing some programme notes I had but I soon found that they were inadequate.  They often contained little about the background of the composer and were often just like a satnav direction and a distraction from listening to the music when it is being played. I have tried to write the notes in my own style which I hope readers will find informative and at times amusing.  If not, forgive my ramblings.  They are not compulsory.  I do however, for what it is worth, lay claim to my copyright ©

Lionel J Lewis