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MUSIC DECO  – 1925-1935

We are all familiar with Art Deco.  So why not Music Deco. We often think in decades, The Roaring Twenties, the Swinging Sixties.  Art Deco derived its name from the Paris Expo 1925 and the decade which follows sits astride the twenties and the thirties. It is a period of great change from the twenties, the bright young things and the beginning of neo-classicism to the dark clouds of the early thirties and the advent of neo-romanticism.  This programme will be one where Matthew’s lectures will be a criss cross between various countries in this inter war period. Details of the programme remain under wraps but you may have a chance to hear Vaughan Williams or Bax, Lambert or Bliss or maybe late Delius or Elgar’s last gasp.  In France, Poulenc, Honneger and Milhaud remained active from Les Six and Jacques Ibert brought tears of laughter in his Divertissement. The programme is being designed as a world tour. Just time to squeeze in late Sibelius before his premature retirement and late Nielsen. Who knows what Italy will produce but  Respighi continued to write to his death in 1935.  Martinu was from the Czech lands but lived in Paris throughout the period with his charlestons in La Revue de Cuisine and his neo classical concertos in the thirties.  With Janacek the best was to come after 1925 whilst in Hungary Bartok and Kodaly were active. In the Soviet Union Shostakovich was emerging and Prokofiev was returning. Stravinsky was to adopt French nationality whilst Rachmaninov, Stravinsky and Schoenberg were to relocate to the USA.  From that country Gershwin and Copland  would come to the fore as would Villa Lobos in Brazil.  Just who and what remains a mystery which Matthew will unveil.


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