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 This section is entitled “Posts” and it was originally called “Home”. I use it to welcome you and to guide you round our site. Posts was designed as a repository for every entry previously made. I suggest to find out what’s what that you read this note first and afterwards only continue downwards if you are curious to see what has previously gone on. The site designers think you will like it but I think you will be better off if you go back to the top of this page and explore the various categories in the horizontal menu bar. You will find:-

  •  A new Home page which is all about the Group and what we do.

  •  The current programme which Matthew is doing or about to start and the Diary for the term which we call the Hymn Sheet

  •  To Come will inform you of planned future programmes so that you can arrange when to go away and when to be here

  •  Composers. These are biographical notes by Lionel Lewis on a number of the composers that Matthew has been dealing with and which are gradually being posted to this site.

  •  Past Times sets out some of the programmes Matthews has done over the last fifteen years. Where there is a link on the programme it will take you to the poster designed by Tom Butler.

 So once again, Welcome.