This will be a mini series and the first to take place away from home. For over twenty years Matthew’s lectures have taken place at Blackheath Halls which remains our home.  Charlton House is ten minutes away on the other side of the Heath and this new series is aimed at our regulars and an introduction to the audience there to the high level of these lectures.

Now to fill a void in the summer months Matthew will be giving three lectures at Charlton House on the last three symphonies of Mozart,


(6th July)   No 39 in E flat,

These lectures will be held in The Old Library.  

(13 July)   No 40 in G minor and  

Commencing at 10.15

(20th July) No 41 in C, the Jupiter.

Ending 12.15


Each will be accompanied by other Mozart works of the period. The form the lectures take is that in addition to Matthew talking he illustrates the points at the piano and we hear the excerpts or the movement on disc. It is a format he has developed at Blackheath with great success over a number of years.


This series is for beginners and the experienced alike. Matthew has a way of reaching one by awakening an interest in music whilst for the aficionado there is always some aspect of which one was not previously aware.


These three symphonies, unlike their predecessors, were not written to commission or for any known specific performance. He was only 32 when he wrote all three in the summer of 1788 and they were the summation of his symphonic writing so far. There is a theory that the three were intended to be played together but we will never know.


We hope that Matthew’s regulars at Blackheath will be joined by the regulars who attend concerts at Charlton House.


The series of three lectures costs £30 but individual purchases can be made for those who want to give it a try or cannot make all three.


For further information please contact


Lionel J Lewis, tel 020 8297 1075 (